What is healthier together Hackney?

Healthier Together Hackney is a healthy lifestyle programme, commissioned by the London Borough of Hackney, designed to support people to lose weight and get active. This service offers both weight management and exercise on referral Programmes:

Adult Weight Management

– Our Tier 2 multi-component group based lifestyle weight management programme includes dietary advice and physical activity. The Healthier Together team utilises behaviour change techniques to support eligible adults lose weight and gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.

Physical Activity on Referral

– Our physical activity on referral programme is designed to support inactive individuals to safely increase their activity level and become self sufficient at achieving the recommended daily activity guidelines.

Single Point of Access

– Our single point of access team will triage referrals to offer the patient the most appropriate programme to meet their individual health needs. The Healthier Together Hackney team will also work in close partnership with GP practices, Allied Health Professionals and social care services to make it easy to refer participants, as well as raise the issue of weight and physical inactivity.

Who is Healthier Together Hackney for?

The Healthier Together programme is for people who are:

Where is the programme available?

Healthier Together sessions are delivered from a number of leisure centres and community venues across the borough.

Community venues will change throughout the year to focus on areas with greater health improvement needs. Our Single Point of Access team will help each participant to find a suitable location to access the programme. For further information on which venues have upcoming programmes please contact the Single Point of Access team on 02077497649.

What can participants expect from the weight management programme?

Our weight management programme encompasses; physical activity opportunities and healthy eating/nutritional advice. The Healthier Together Team utilises behaviour change techniques to support individuals in managing their weight and work towards achieving a healthy BMI. Weekly 2 hour group sessions run for 12 weeks and include nutritional workshops and a physical activity session.

Our nutrition workshops are led by highly trained individuals and include interactive sessions using behaviour change techniques exploring key topics such as:

By the end of the programme participants will have increased knowledge, skills and confidence to continue with their healthy behaviour changes beyond the end of the programme.

For those with slightly more complex needs our Tier 2+ programme is delivered with support from dietitians from Homerton University Hospital. Participants will be invited to smaller group classes with extra support and specially tailored activity sessions.

Alternatively, access to a commercial community weight management programme will be facilitated, for those for whom it is an appropriate option.

The Healthier Together programme is a group based approach so participants must be willing and capable to participate in a group programme.

What can participants expect from physical activity on referral (pars)?

Our PARS scheme provides support and guidance to help people who are inactive and at risk of disease or suffering with a condition that can be improved by physical activity, to make long term lifestyle changes to increase their activity in a safe and enjoyable way.

The programme delivers individually tailored physical activity opportunities and group-based activities. These activities are designed to support eligible adults to become physically active and gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to maintain and improve their physical activity levels.

>All patients will receive an individually tailored physical activity programme, which is developed in partnership with the participant and meets their specific needs. Activity options include, but are not limited to:

Who can make a referral?

We currently do not accept self referrals, however our Single Point of Access Team will accept referrals from relevant health and care staff, including:

We will also accept referrals from other local professionals/services if appropriate.

Download referral form here

What is the referral criteria for weight management?

Inclusion criteria

To qualify for the weight management programme users must be either:

Exclusion criteria

The participant must not have any of the following contraindications:

* BAME: people of Black, Asian, and minority ethnic groups.

What is the referral criteria for pars?

The patient must be:

The patient should not have any of the following:

How do I contact the team?

The single point of access can be contacted between 8am and 8pm Monday to Friday.

Healthier Together Hackney,
King Hall Leisure Centre,
39 Lower Clapton Rd
E5 0NU

Phone: 020 7749 7645

(Enquiries Only)

Fax: 087 2446 4680